The 10 Academy | About Us
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About Us

The 10 Academy



The 10 Academy is a nationally recognized Training Program, supplemental to club practices.


The specificity of our Training is something that is unparalleled and we only work with players that we feel will be capable of coping with such an intensive Training environment. This does not mean that you need to be a professional level player to be eligible for a Development Program, but something that is a requirement is that you have the desire, work-ethic and ability to learn. For everything else, we have you covered.


We believe that Technical Development Training is the primary way to elevate your game and aim to work in unison with your club coach to reach realistically set targets. This is not private soccer training, we are focused on the long-term development of each player.


Total Development.


We are also committed to staying connected with our players throughout their soccer careers and are here for them whenever they need us. We go above and beyond to ensure that are players have all of the tools they need to prosper in soccer, and ultimately in life.


What Makes The 10 Academy Different?


The 10 Academy was created to help bridge the gap in the Technical Development of youth soccer players in the USA. Our Technical Development Programs are designed to highlight and improve specific areas of Development and to give players the one to one Training that they do not receive in their team environment.


During our Training, we stimulate the player by helping them to think outside of the box, working on thought processes in specific areas of the field, and breaking down situations that they are going to experience on game day, while helping the player to understand the complexity of decision making. We also take the time to communicate verbally with a view to produce a more intelligent individual, and to make sure that every Development area is understood. There is always a why and a point behind everything we are doing within the Training Program.


Technical Development is a primary focus, and through technical demonstrations and specific, game-related repetition, we are extremely confident in producing an improved caliber of soccer player.

As our name suggests, we also want to unlock creativity. We want to unlock ‘The 10’ in every player. Regardless of position, every player should be imaginative on the field and have the freedom to express themselves. At The 10 Academy, we aim to be the catalyst to the creativity and confidence which every player possesses, but not many players feel free enough to produce in matches. In our Training environment, the player is encouraged to be creative, to try new things and to fail over and over again. This is how we ultimately learn to succeed.


The USA has arguably never produced a true #10, a truly creative midfield player. We want to be the platform for that production.


After a Technical Development Training Program with The 10 Academy, we can guarantee the player will walk away seeing the soccer field in a completely different light and will be playing an improved style of soccer. We believe our players will also be more productive and efficient in their decision making on the field, something that is absolutely imperative when moving to the next level.


In order to reach your full potential, you must have the will to better yourself. A culmination of hard-work & an unwavering desire to succeed are required. We are ready to take your development to the next level. Are you?


The 10 Academy.