The 10 Academy | Technical Development Training
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Technical Development Training


Intro Development Program // Technical Development Program


Group Training Program  // Team Training Program





We offer an Introductory Development Program where the lessons are one hour long. The IDP is for new trainees and is an introductory form of training. This program does not include a written packet prior to the commencement of the training, but is a great way for new trainees to get a feel for the learning process and to become accustomed to the training style we administer. It is a recommended package for new trainees before moving on and completing one of our Technical Development Programs, each of which are listed below.





Our Technical Development Programs are the most comprehensive Training Programs we offer. Aimed at players with a clear idea of their development areas, these programs are constructed prior to being completed and a clear plan for development will be delivered within each TDP. Each program is extremely specific and tailored diligently to ensure maximum player development.





Our GTP is a new and highly sought after program we felt compelled to offer. Individual Technical Development is our primary focus, but in our GTP environment, we have created a place where the development is not compromised, but elevated. Strategizing group lessons to maximize development has been an excellent transition and due to the players being matched on a selection based map, the group environment at The 10 Academy allows for players to drive others around them to reach the highest level possible.


Please click the below PDF Document for complete information on each of our programs. Please note, it is a password protected document and you will need to e-mail us to get the password.